Every artist needs a muse, no matter how unconventional they may be. Famous fashion designers have their favorite models – though they’re not always of the two-legged variety! Even the poshest of designers keep their favorite furry companion by their side and some even delve into the world of doggy fashion to pamper other pups. Here are our top five favorites of designers and the cutest canines in the fashion world, in no particular order. 

5. Marc Jacobs and Neville

Celebrity designer Marc Jacobs is known for his lavish lifestyle and public relationships with his famous friends. Jacobs’ pup Neville is almost as famous as his human dad! The bull terrier is an Instagram star and also is featured on limited-edition sweaters and loafers from the fashion icon himself. Jacobs even planned a line called Bark Jacobs in honor of Neville. 

4. Roberto Cavalli and Lupo

Roberto Cavalli is a designer known for his wild animal print style. He credits his German Shepard, Lupo, for judging on which design will hit the runway and make it into stores. Cavalli believes Lupo will give him a signal if his fashion pieces will be a success or a failure. Roberto Cavalli Pets was founded in 2009 with carrier bags and printed jumpsuits for dogs to prove his admiration for man’s best friend. 

3. The Oscar de la Renta Collaborative

Late fashion designer Oscar de la Renta designed tailored dog coats before his peaceful passing surrounded by his beloved pets. His successors, Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim have carried on the legacy, dressing celebrities such as Sandra Bullock and her rescue dog Sweetie for the Golden Globes. The de la Renta brand has its own collection of dog clothes with 100% of proceeds going to animal rescue organizations. 

2. Donatella Versace and Audrey

Of course, the glamorous Donatella Versace has her own spoiled pooch that is just as much royalty as the designer herself. Audrey is a Jack Russel Terrier and an Instagram icon with her own mattress and eats off a golden plate at the dinner table. Audrey was featured in Versace’s pre-fall campaign and makes frequent trips with Donatella in their private jet. 

1. Valentino and His Four Ms

Posh designer Valentino is quite fond of his four dogs: Molly, Margot, Mandy, and Monty. The four pals are also companions for private jet trips and have a butler of their own. In the past, Valentino has had a separate line of clothing for his late pug, Oliver. 

What’s The Appeal of Designer Dogs?

Dogs are one of the most, if not the most popular pets on the planet! Dog lovers will do everything for their furry friends including dressing them up for special events and photo opportunities. Certain designers look to animal prints and faux fur to create their own original designs and dogs certainly come in a range of different breeds

What’s cuter than a puppy in a sweater? These famous dogs are known to be well-liked with thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter. Sometimes the dog’s accounts can be more popular than their owners! It’s hard to be jealous of a designer dog living its best life from the jet to the runway.

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